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Selling an insurance agency doesn’t allow for do-overs. You only get one chance to do so and that’s it. Therefore, you may want to enlist the help of a reliable insurance consulting practice to help you get it right. Those who choose to sell their agencies without the help of an experienced professional may end up finding themselves in some sticky situations.

Do I need Insurance Consulting?

What You Shouldn’t Do When Selling Your Insurance Agency

Failing to Prepare for the Sale process

People who know that you own an insurance agency might talk to you about selling your business. Conversations may seem casual and harmless, but when the other party starts to ask for more information, you should start treading lightly. You may find yourself negotiating with them and unnecessarily exposing yourself or your business.

Don’t even think about talking to anyone about selling your business when you haven’t done anything to prepare for the sales process. Keep in mind that you’re selling an extremely valuable asset. 

Missing the Prime Selling Window

You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to sell at the right time. You need to update yourself with today’s value multiples and economic conditions in order to avoid missing the perfect time to sell. Unless you’re willing to work a few more years for free, make sure that you won’t miss the prime selling window.

Failing to Get Input from the Pros

Not many people can claim to have their finger on the pulse of the market unless they’re constantly negotiating with different types of buyers. When you’re trying to sell your insurance agency for the best price possible, you need to seek input from those who know and understand the marketplace.

Do I need Insurance Consulting?

Looking for an Insurance Consulting Practice?

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