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Technology Solution Package

To be successful in today’s fast paced business environment, Agency Owners are tasked with making sure that their agencies keep up with ever-changing technology. Over the years, technology has evolved from simple processing tools to constant engagement with clients to assist them whenever and however they need. In order to increase efficiency for their office, top Agency Owners need to stay current with latest technology. This allows the Agency Owner to avoid wasting time and energy with outdated technology, thus increasing productivity.
Our consultants at Energia Consulting provide Agency Owners with a robust Agency Technology Needs Assessment that addresses current Agency hardware, software, telephone systems, office equipment and every day accessory needs.

After performing our Assessment, we make any needed recommendations to increase capacity within the agency environment. These suggestions will help to save the Agency Owner time, valuable dollars and avoid uncertainty that often accompanies trying to develop plans on their own. We also offer advice for effective use of customer relationship management software and lead management tools that can help your agency get the most sales from their valuable lead sources.

In addition to assisting with software and hardware, our experienced professionals can provide your Agency with valuable guidance for establishment of effective social media programs, website strategies, and effective use of mobile technology to enhance their client’s experience.

In certain Agencies, our team may reference the value of outsourcing certain functions to third party vendors to allow for even greater success. In these cases, our consultants refer to best practices from similar sized agencies and practice implementation and training will be offered.

Prior to conclusion of your comprehensive technology plan, our consultants at Energia Consulting will make sure that you have a solid information security plan instituted within your agency to properly protect your assets and support future success.

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