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Successful negotiations Why hire Energia Consulting when exploring the sale of your agency?

Energia Consulting’s offers our clients a well-established approach to the agency sales process. If you have insurance agencies for sale, our team of professionals can help you develop an effective exit strategy to maximize the value of your business.

Assistance with Sale Preparation

Once a decision is made to sell your firm, it is time to compile important business information in order to paint a picture for potential buyers. By doing do, major issues can be uncovered and addressed before presenting the company to prospective buyers. Energia Consulting can help address these issues to encourage a successful and smooth sales process.

Prospective Buyers Screening

It can be frustrating to dedicate a lot of time and resources in negotiating with a buyer only to find out they cannot complete a deal. Energia Consulting makes sure this does not happen to our clients by carefully screening out firms that don’t have the financial resources needed to close a deal. Since we work with both buyers and sellers, our consultants have access to a list of buyers who are serious and financially able to purchase your business.

Upholding Confidentiality

We make maintaining our clients confidentiality a priority at Energia Consulting. Our consultants understand the importance of protecting your identity in order to avoid potential problems with both existing employees and key clients. Energia Consulting executes non disclosures implemented by potential buyers.

Deal Terms Guidance

A second set of eyes can be helpful when it comes to brokering a deal. Energia Consulting can assist in looking over the deal terms and transaction structure of an offer and provide advice on where improvements can be made. Our highly experienced consultants thoroughly review the various components to a deal that can have a significant effect on the overall attractiveness of an offer.

Managing the Selling Process

Selling an agency is neither a quick or simple procedure. Having a trusted advisor who will raise concerns on your behalf is very important when you are negotiating with a buyer. By hiring Energia Consulting, we can handle all the important aspects of selling your agency and getting the best sales price possible so that you can remain focused on running your business. We manage the sales process in order to minimize common disruptions and hurdles, providing a smooth transaction from start to finish.

Ready to Sell? We are here to help.

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