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Retention Package

It has often been said that Insurance Agency work is simply about adding and retaining policies. However, agency owners know that business retention is anything but simple in today’s highly competitive insurance market. With constant exposure to quote solicitations at all times of the day or night by television, print, social media, email, and even text, potential clients are harder to reach now more than ever.

We believe that agencies can set themselves apart from the competition by making sure that their agency team excels at service and retention activities. Clients today want to know that their agency is not just contacting them when a payment is due. They want an agency who understands who they are as people and also the risks that they face.

Our team teaches the top processes for Retention. We help you implement workflows that make the most effective use of agency capacity to maximize retention. Through effective client reviews, your customers will not only feel better protected, but their positive experience will translate into increased agency referrals.

Our retention processes include assistance with:

  • Bundling and discount review
  • Cancellation best practices
  • Conducting renewal reviews
  • Compliance task management
  • Billing methods
  • Expanding client capability in order to maximize time for providing high value service


In addition, our consultants can also assist with staff training on how to properly handle client complaints. This provides an opportunity to retain the client through an effective re-quote process. Implementing these new methods will lead to greater client satisfaction and more income and growth for your agency by curbing unnecessary client defection.

At Energia Consulting, our goal is to assist your company in retaining your clients. By refining the endorsement and claim process, we can help you exceed your client’s expectations, paving the way for positive client interactions and a steady stream of referrals.

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