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Randall H.

About one year ago I started thinking about retiring and selling my Agency… about 6 months later Kirk Price at Energia Consulting Partners called me, and after discussing the services Energia provided (and the process involved), we got serious and signed a contract and began the process.  Kirk and his partners along with Chuck McGhee and others did all the work.  With the help of Drew Battle and ServiceFirst Bank, Drew and Chuck make the closing very easy…only one place to sign.  This was the best commission I have ever paid.  I would do it again today if I had another agency to sell.  Don’t go it alone when selling your agency.  Give Kirk and his team a call today.  Three weeks now enjoying retirement!  Less stress and no IPS.

Years in Business

33 Years

Allstate Insurance

Larry B.

This is what I feel Lee brings to the table:

  1. With Lee’s knowledge of the Allstate System, we were able to answer any concerns of the buyer. 2) His decades of working for Allstate and his firsthand knowledge of what Allstate wants out of a prospective buyer. 3) He can qualify/disqualify a prospective buyer immediately 4) He was the go between for myself and the buyer.  I never once talked to the client until the end. 5) He takes the emotion out of the process and is able to give recommendation based on facts. 6) He kept me informed almost daily of the progress. 7) He has a network of attorneys, accountants, tax advisors, etc. 8) He is professional 9) I felt he was working for me and wanted to get the best deal possible.

NOTE: This was the most important feature that I feel Lee brought to the table… The monies I paid Lee were returned many times over! I highly recommend Lee Herring and Energia Consulting Partners!

Years in Business

17 Years

Allstate Insurance

Chris K.

What a great experience!  I can’t say enough good things about Kirk Price and Energia Consulting Partners.  Kirk took my agency from “for sale” to “sold” effortlessly.  Every concern was addressed quickly and with professionalism.  These guys are good. Thanks again!

Years in Business

2 Years – Allstate

15 Years – Farmers

Gary M.

Wanting to sell your agency?  Contact Kirk Price!  Great guy and easy to work with. He’s very professional and gets things done.  He will find a way to move it.  Thanks for all your hard work.

Years in Business

2 Years

Allstate Insurance

Betty P.

After a 39-year career with Allstate, I started thinking of selling my agency, and more specifically how to go about planning my exit strategy and transition into retirement.  Needless to say, this was a very hard decision to make.  I would be departing from what had essentially become my way of life… my customers had become like family to me over the years, so this was really a lot to think about.  I actually started at a retail booth location in a SEARS store with Allstate, then moved into an office location with several other agents.  Of course, then our contracts changed and we all moved out to open our own independent Allstate agencies.  Time have really changed through the years, and I have experienced a lot throughout my tenure with Allstate.  One experience I will never forget was a phone call I received on September 16, 2016 from a long time friend and retired Allstate Sales Executive, Kirk Price.  He told me that he had started working with Energia Consulting Partners and wanted to share with me the kind of work he was now doing, and how, if I decided to retire, he could help me with the sale of my agency.  Little did Kirk know that this was just what I was in the process of planning, and he came along at the best possible time.  His knowledge and experience in the process was over the top.  He knew what to do, where to go, and how to handle it all… from the agency listing, advertising, marketing, valuation and pricing of my agency, to selling and negotiating, as well as the closing.  He kept me in “good hands” throughout the entire process all the way to the end.  I consider myself very blessed to have Kirk Price as my broker, and Charles “Chuck” McGhee as the closing attorney.  I cannot express well enough how satisfied I have been, and I can highly recommend to anyone wishing to sell or purchase an agency to contact Kirk with Energia Consulting Partners to handle all of your business transaction needs… what a great experience you will have from the beginning to the end.

Years in Business

39 Years

Allstate Insurance

Don R.

I would like to thank Lee Herring and his team for the series provided during the sale of my insurance agency.  After almost 30 years as an agency owner, it is not always an easy decision if, when, and how much to sell such a personal asset.  This is why, without hesitation that I recommend Lee Herring and his associates.  Mr. Herring and I met a few months prior to the decision to sell.  The initial meeting was a discussion regarding my expectations verses the reality.  During the next several weeks as I thought and weighed out the decision, I would call him on occasion to ask a question or two.  He would always return my call promptly and at a time that worked best for my schedule.  He would answer my questions completely and thoroughly.  Never once did I feel pressured to sell, or not to sell.  Once the decision was made to sell, Mr. Herring and I discussed in detail the marketing plan and clarified the expectations regarding the market, the time-frame, and communications.  I continued to focus on my business and let him handle the process.  I was kept informed as potential buyers were discussed.  It was my desire to only deal with a serious and qualified buyer.  I wanted to be fair and realistic in my negotiations.  I also wanted my agency to be purchased by someone that I would respect and have the confidence to properly service my agency.  Mr. Herring reminded me at times to be patient and reinforced my thoughts when things began falling into place.  Mr. Herring located the buyer, handled the negotiations, and provided the professionals required to handle the entire sale from start to finish.  I am completely satisfied with the services provided by Lee Herring, his associates, and his professional contacts.  Lee knows and understands the insurance industry but more importantly he is a pleasure to know and operates in a highly ethical and professional manner.  With highest regards, Don Rowan, the Rowan Agency.

Years in Business

30 Years

Allstate Insurance

Gretchen R.

Kirk Price and Energia Consulting Partners helped me connect with the right buyer, at the right time, for the right price.  I cannot thank them enough for helping me to retire!  Every seller should have someone like them in their corner.  Thank you Kirk!

Years in Business

5 Years

Farmers Insurance

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