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Strategic Development


At Energia Consulting, we take a comprehensive approach to business by assisting with visualizing the business life cycle. After carefully reviewing the periods and benchmarks for our clients, we assist in building the necessary components of their business plan to help facilitate success, such as a book of business insurance.

To better understand exactly what we can do for you, here is an example of how we would assist a startup Insurance Agency Owner. The first step we would take is to plan year one to four in depth. Once this is done, we can properly forecast beyond the short-term to year five through ten and beyond for long term planning. After inception, this strategy is reviewed and updated by the Owner each year.

The best business plans become living breathing action oriented documents that can be updated and adapted as needed. Our goal is to make sure that our clients have rock solid business plan that is more than just a document that simply gets filed away and forgotten. We work hard to ensure that your plan bolsters your company’s mission and values and brings purpose and task to your team.

Our goal at Energia Consulting is to help business owners develop a plan that is both strategic and achievable. By learning about your agency and your needs, our experienced professionals can help your company plan for a successful future.

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