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New Business Package

Obtaining new business is essential for Insurance Agencies. It is vital for businesses to add clients and build up their Agency books to provide them the resources to add staff needed to take care of their clients.

Agencies today are measured for things such as

  • Quote rates
  • Close rates
  • Spin rates
  • Discount rates, and
  • Satisfaction ratings


This process can be challenging, but acquiring new business does not have to be a laborious dreaded task. Energia Consulting can help turn new business into a creative and fun experience for you and your agency.

If needed, our professionals can assist Agency Owners refine their New Business Acquisition plan. No matter what your company’s experience level, we can help create a plan that is sure to engage and energize you and your staff.

The consultants at Energia Consulting  cover processes for each individual line of business within your agency to help determine what areas can be improved. The first step is to analyze your opportunities within the internal book and also within your service market. By sharing effective solutions and techniques necessary for getting in front of people and bringing them into your agency, we can help you translate potential clients into valuable long-term clients.

This is a nuts and bolts approach to getting the business on the books and onboarding for long term success. We can show you how to get the business you need to meet the goals that are important to you and your team. Whether you need to start performing or boost performance to the next level we can assist with our proven techniques.

It is important to remember that insurance is about more than just areas such as auto, home or Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP). It is about offering your clients a plan to insure that every risk is covered. By looking for key events in your client’s lives where you can make the most impact, you can properly assist help them in protecting their future. Our consultants are also equipped to provide you with proven methods to assist in transitioning your Agency’s clients to life insurance.

Our staff can help prepare you for our role as a community ambassador and help you understand how your circle of influence is important to your Agency success. In addition, we will help you build your plan of action to establish your agency as a valuable community resource.

It is not unusual to feel like you have hit a wall when it comes to the ability to generate leads. At Energia Consulting, we can help you jumpstart your company’s quoting engine and help you maximize your agency close rate.

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