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Marketing Package

Remember when you decided to cut back on telephone book advertising after the decline in paper media? How about the time you did an ad or sponsorship only because you had built a relationship with the sales person over the years? For Agency owners, marketing efforts can sometimes lead to wasted dollars with no measurable return. It is common to continue to throw money into existing unsuccessful marketing programs since it is difficult to know exactly what will work best for your agency. This is where we come in. Our experienced consultants at Energia Consulting can assist your Agency in devising a successful marketing plan.

Having a solid marketing component in your business plan is important. It is vital to diversify and ensure that you have the right mix of digital presence to both solidify current clients and help attract new clients. We can help you sort through the many different options and offerings for your marketing and sponsor dollars.

The first step in this process is to perform a snapshot assessment of all current marketing avenues that you currently use for your Agency.

This includes:

  • Sponsorships
  • Memberships
  • Promotional materials given out at events
  • Marketing e-mails
  • Direct mail
  • Digital offerings and
  • Print ads


After reviewing every aspect of your Agency’s existing marketing plan, we will offer suggestions as to what the most effective strategies are to maximize your return on investment. By evaluating costs associated, impressions/leads generated and the ultimate acquisition costs, our experienced professionals are able to help you make the best marketing decisions for your Agency.

Our professionals can assist our clients in learning how to utilize low cost and no cost marketing in order to bolster your agency results. We will teach you about things such as branding and why it is important to your long term agency success.

The time and cost associated with hiring Energia Consulting to perform a marketing analysis will be resources well invested once we turn your marketing budget into a cost effective lead acquisition plan and immediate results.

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