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As you were browsing through listings of insurance agencies for sale in Atlanta, GA, you were probably wondering if it’s the right time to sell yours. Besides apparent health or family life change situations, insurance agency owners decide to put up the “for sale” sign for other intangible and subtle reasons. We’ve rounded up some signs that tell you it’s time to sell.  

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Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Sell Your Insurance Business

The Hunger Is Gone

You know that you’re no longer hungry when the idea of making that extra phone call or taking that additional meeting isn’t as compelling as it used to be. If you’ve lost the excitement for new products or accounts, it’s the right time to sell your insurance business.  

You Want a Change of Business

Perhaps you’ve managed to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and are ready for a change of business. If another business venture grabs most of your attention and you feel prepared to leave the insurance industry, it’s time to sell your agency. 

You Realize that Your Agency Needs a New Owner

Perhaps you fail to muster the same eagerness as your peers do. You won’t be doing your insurance agency justice if your lack of enthusiasm keeps it from moving forward. If you feel that a new and more effective owner will serve your insurance business better, it’s time to sell. 

Succession Is in Place

Whether it’s a family member or a high-potential employee who has served the agency for years, your lieutenant may be ready to implement some changes that can grow and improve the business. If succession is in place and your presence as the current owner makes it difficult for your successor to make these changes, consider selling your insurance business.  

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Is It Time to Add Your Business to the List of Insurance Agencies for Sale in Atlanta, GA?

If you’re considering selling your agency now, Energia Consulting Partners LLC offers you a well-established approach to the agency sales process. Contact us today to learn more about our services or make an appointment.