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Although rebuilding an insurance agency is no easy process, you can make your goal a reality with the appropriate focus and some hard work. Nonetheless, if you’ve already established your agency but it’s about to close because of the pandemic, insurance business consulting can help. Here’s a simple guide to rebuilding your insurance business.

Building your insurance business with consulting tips

Ways to Start Over

Develop Your Leads

As much as possible, every pitch should result in a sale. But that rarely happens in the insurance industry. Because of this, generating leads is just as crucial as nurturing them. Create a method that promotes your firm’s worth to their business while keeping your agency. The following are some of the many ways to develop your leads.  

  • To boost your customer base and raise awareness of your insurance firm, connect with your clients on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Don’t forget to offer informative content. 
  • Send helpful risk management advice in frequent emails, but not too frequently. 
  • Provide webinars demonstrating how insurance can address their worries. 
  • Make brief instructional videos that explain various policies. 
  • Blog about topics like life insurance, annuities, health insurance, and other insurance requirements to show off your knowledge in the field. 

Join Forces with Other Experts

Contact industry experts that may be considering a similar clientele. If they agree, you can establish a lead-sharing arrangement with: 

  • Accountants 
  • Financial planners 
  • Mortgage brokers 
  • Real estate agents  

Your clients will value your capacity to refer them to a specialist who can provide what they need if you establish connections with other experts in your field. Everyone benefits when the other professional refers additional clients and customers to your business.  

Engagement in Community Networking

As you already know, finding new clients requires networking. Going to the same recurrent events, though, can put you in front of everyone there. Attend events outside of the insurance sector to meet potential clients to shake things up a bit, like:  

  • Business seminars 
  • Charity events 
  • School board meetings 
  • Local fairs 
  • Trade shows 
  • Meetup groups 

insurance business consultant building his business

Want to Rebuild Your Agency Through Insurance Business Consulting?

Maybe you’re an effective insurance agent who is prepared to begin a new phase of your career. Or perhaps you’re thinking about changing careers and think the insurance sector has a lot of room for growth and stability.  

At Energia Consulting Partners LLC, we can assist you with whether you’ve already opened an insurance business or just getting started.