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If you’re on the lookout for insurance agencies for sale in Atlanta, GA, you’re probably considering funding options. While commercial lenders prioritize the existence of significant collateral, traditional lending institutions only have eyes for hard collateral.

If your business doesn’t have enough tangible collateral to buy another insurance agency, you’ll have to look for a lender who understands the inner workings of insurance businesses.

Where can I find Insurance Agencies for Sale Atlanta GA?  

Tips for Financing an Insurance Book of Business

Hire A Professional to Handle Agency Valuation

Did you know that the average sale price for a book of business is usually somewhere between two and four percent its annual earnings? Do yourself a favor and hire a professional company to have your book of business valued. You can easily find one that specializes in conducting business valuations. They can help you determine the right sale price for an organization or an asset.

Create A Solid Business Plan

The lender needs to have a clear snapshot f your legitimate intentions pertaining to the book of business that you’re planning to purchase. They also want to make sure that you have the knowledge and experience to run an insurance business. In your business plan, be sure to address potential challenges after you purchase the book and clearly describe your plans of maximizing your new asset’s profit potential.

Look for Niche Lenders

Since your chances of getting approval from traditional lenders and major banking institutions are slim, look for niche lenders who work with insurance business owners. These specific specialized lenders understand the potential of a large insurance book of business. What’s more, they view it as an asset to secure your loan. 

Where can I find Insurance Agencies for Sale Atlanta GA?

What to Do After Locating the Right Insurance Agencies For Sale In Atlanta, GA

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