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Are you looking to find an insurance agent consulting practice to help you propel your insurance agency forward? While sales are the vehicle that drives your business to success, marketing is the fuel that powers it. Turning your cold calls into warm leads to grow your insurance agency requires a solid marketing strategy.  

Marketing your business may cover everything from organizing a community event or polishing your website. When done right, your marketing approach can help you generate and sustain a good customer base that relies on your agency for all of their insurance needs. Since most people turn to the internet for information, you’ll want to strengthen your internet presence so that your agency comes first whenever they look for insurance.  

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Tips for Using the Internet to Market Your Insurance Business

Create a Well-Designed Agency Website

When creating an agency website, it’s extremely important to have a URL that’s easy to remember. Additionally, your website has to be specifically designed to reflect your agency’s core values and identity. To maximize your opportunity for referrals, it’s best to ask your business clients to consider linking their commercial websites to your agency’s website.  

Go Mobile

Keep in mind that consumers conduct business and make purchases on their smartphones. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. 

Use Social Media

Since most people are on social media, you may want to set up a LinkedIn account. Prospecting commercial clients will find this useful.  

Educate Your Customers

Coming up with value-added content about the products you offer is a must. Try to use inexpensive online tools such as podcasts, online slideshows, and webinars to educate your target audience. 

Purchase Online Ads

You’ll want to take advantage of the web’s ad space by creating a banner, sponsoring a site, or using a pay-per-click ad. Just remember to stay away from annoying pop-ads.  

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Looking for an Insurance Agent Consulting Practice?

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