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Creativity and originality are extremely important when it comes to marketing your insurance agency. If your marketing efforts aren’t giving you your desired results, you should rethink your strategies and cut marketing activities that aren’t effective. Luckily, an expert from a reputable insurance agency consulting firm can help you identify marketing mistakes that prevent you from standing out from an increasingly competitive field in a highly commoditized industry.

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What Are the Marketing Mistakes Insurance Businesses Should Avoid?

Developing a Logo and Tagline Before Defining the Brand

Your agency’s brand is more than just a nice logo and a catchy tagline. It represents your business identity, your promise to your customer, and who they perceive you to be. Before you develop your logo and tagline, be sure to define your brand so that you won’t have to struggle when you’re trying to develop a marketing strategy.

Not Engaging Staff and Clients on Social Media

If you’re looking to find an effective marketing machine for your insurance business, take a long, hard look at your staff and your clients. These people can promote your products and services to their family, friends, and contacts. If you want to make this happen, you’ll have to start engaging them on various social media platforms.

Although it may take a while for you to build and gain momentum, it’s worth all the effort. Before you know it, you’ll have an army of people who are happily marketing your business on your behalf at no cost to you!

The Website Design is Outdated

Your online marketing plan has a cornerstone – your insurance agency’s website. You can’t expect to win new customers if your website is visually unappealing, extremely slow, and difficult to navigate. Make sure that your website is well-organized, looks clean and cohesive, loads quickly, and is accessible from all devices.

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