Looking to buy or sell an insurance agency? Energia Consulting Partners has decades of experience in all aspects of insurance agency acquisitions and mergers, with specific emphasis on the Allstate & Farmers Insurance Company distribution model. Whether you are looking for an insurance agency for sale, want to sell your existing agency, or need an insurance agency valuation to secure financing, Energia Consulting has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process.

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Selling an Insurance Agency

  • Assistance with Sale Preparation
  • Assistance with Marketing to Tens of Thousands of Active Agents and Interested Buyers to Generate Multiple Offers
  • Prospective Buyers Screening
  • Upholding Confidentiality
  • Deal Terms Guidance
  • Managing the Insurance Agency Selling Process

Buying an Insurance Agency

  • Finding an Insurance Agency to Purchase
  • Financing Assistance
  • Deal Terms Guidance
  • Insurance Agency Evaluation
  • Managing the Insurance Agency Buying Process


Who We Work With

At Energia Consulting, we specialize in the Allstate & Farmers Insurance Company distribution model. We work with everyone from the individual insurance agency owner looking to sell to large investment groups looking to acquire.

Energia Consulting: Your Trusted Partner

When you partner with Energia Consulting, we handle all the important aspects of the insurance agency buying and selling process, helping you to get the best sales price possible.

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