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If you’re looking to purchase one of the insurance agencies for sale in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, you’ll want to work with an insurance business consulting firm. However, if you choose to do it the hard way, we’ve pulled together some of the most practical ways to find a deal.

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How You Can Find Insurance Agencies for Sale

Tell People You Know What You’re Looking for

You should get the word out once you’ve decided to look for an insurance business to purchase. It’s extremely important to be specific when you tell everyone you know what you’re looking for.

Furthermore, your banker, CPA, agent friends, and insurance agency contacts should know about the product mix, size, and location of the agency you’re comfortable with. Spreading the word and doing it over and over will open doors of opportunities that can lead you to the insurance business you’ll want to buy.

Send a Personal Letter to Owners of Insurance Agencies

Starting a direct mail campaign and writing letters to insurance agency owners is one of the best ways to let them know that you’re interested in purchasing an insurance business. Instead of writing a boring letter that will only end up in the round file, be sure to cross-reference as much information as you possibly can when you’re putting your mailing list together.

Learn more about the financial side of their agency, web presence, age, specialization, and the carriers they represent. While you’re at it, be sure to do a LinkedIn search on the agencies and find out who the actual owners are. To increase your chances of getting a return call, be sure to send them a personal letter that highlights the impressive qualities of their agency.

Follow It Up With a Call

You can find out if the agency owner is interested in selling if you follow it up with a phone call. If possible, try to schedule a meeting with them. Even if they’re not planning on selling in the near term, staying in touch with the agency owners is a strategy that will yield potential prospects in the future.


If you’re serious about finding prospects, you’ll want to advertise on certain websites or on social media. Although you won’t likely have numerous prospects initially, you eventually will if you keep at it.

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Looking for Insurance Agencies for Sale in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX?

At Energia Consulting Partners LLC, we understand that it can be challenging for buyers to find the right insurance agency to purchase. Allow us to assist you during the buying process. Contact us today to learn more about our services.