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Going through insurance agency listings is the first step to acquiring an insurer, but it’s not the only step. You’d also have to go through their roster of agents and see which ones are performing well for the company. In other words, you look for those that have the ideal qualities of an excellent salesperson for your future insurance underwriter 

insurance agent guiding a client in choosing from insurance agency listings

What to Look for in an Insurance Agent 

Here are some of the qualities that you want to look out for when screening potential agents: 

A Solid Understanding of What the Client Needs

Insurance policies come in different packages. Insurance salespersons must know which coverages to offer a potential client that meets their individual needs and budget. Thus, a good agent knows how to gauge their clients’ requirements and capabilities. They can quickly identify the policies that they can show to the clients for them to choose from.  

With this skill, the agent can know precisely how to approach a client and present the packages in a manner that could close a sale. 


Empathy is described as the capability of a person to comprehend or even feel another individual’s experience without going through the same predicament. For insurance agents, this means being able to genuinely relate to their clients’ concerns and apprehensions about getting an insurance policy. 

Empathy will allow the agent to engage the client in a meaningful conversation about the merits of an insurance policy and sign them up for an account. 


Sales need focus, and focus requires discipline. Top sellers in insurance know the importance of sticking to their personal routines and avoiding distractions. They concentrate their efforts on converting as many prospects as possible within the hours they impose on themselves to work.  

Disciplined agents have higher odds of getting sales for the company. They devote more time than their undisciplined counterparts to contacting prospects and attempting to convert them to buyers. 

insurance expert perusing insurance agency listings

Let Us Help You Go Through Your Insurance Agency Listings 

Buying an insurance company requires due diligence. Agency listings will give you multiple options to look at, and it’s a challenge to vet every choice you have. Call us now, and we’ll work with you to narrow down your options.